Gerber generation for roundrect pads shows up incorrectly at jlcpcb?

Hi Everyone!

I’m using kicad-nightly, and when I export gerbers and view them at jlcpcb, all of the pads that have a roundrect shape show up incorrectly. Here’s how jlcpcb interprets it:

It looks like the way the rects are being rounded is by drawing nicely placed circles, but jlcpcb is interpreting them as negative not positive.

I’m using: Version: 5.99.0-unknown-cd54ba7b0~103~ubuntu20.04.1, release build

Does anyone have suggestions? Is this perhaps a gerber parsing problem on their end? The gerber viewer from pcbway shows the pads correctly:


I believe there was recently some discussion saying that companies online gerber viewer is pretty much broken. Check a few other online gerber viewers if in doubt. I think even the picture you posted reminds me of the other thread.

Ahh I found the thread here. Thanks for the quick response!

jlc had this quirk for a while now.

Best is to trust your local copy of gerbv or the kicad build-in viewer.

Also complain about this by jlcpb.
Write lengthy emails, grab your phone.
The more they get irritated by this, the more likely they are finally going to do something about it (hopefullly)

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