Footprint library

I have a problem: I made a project an nnow i want to modify it, but i can’t save it, the message is that project is read only, and I have no permission to do this.

I assume with “I made a project” you mean you added a footprint to an already existing library.

The thing is that by default the pre installed libs are not even local to your pc. (KiCad 4.0.x uses on demand online libs.) Even if they are they are write protected. (They are in some system directory)

There is also a good reason not to modify parts of the pre installed lib. If you ever share your project the other person will not have the same libs as you do.

So the suggested solution is to leave the pre installed libs as they are and do modifications or additions only in personal libs.

This FAQ post should help you with that: Creating a new footprint library

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Projects can end up read only if you make the mistake of running KiCad as admin or root

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