Exporting to STEP - cannot be opened in Solidworks

Hi all,

I’m trying to export a STEP model that my coworker can use in Solidworks. I can view the 3D model fine in KiCAD, the STEP file imports into FreeCAD properly, but on the Solidworks side, it failed to import and the errors look like this:

          SolidWorks Corporation - STEP Processor Error Log


                       STEP Post Processor


STEP File Name: C:\Users\user\file.step

Error: Entity type not supported.

STEP-in did not complete successfully.

An STL file exported from FreeCAD works fine, anyone have any ideas about this?

Sounds like a good question for SolidWorks.

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To check if this is an issue on some 3d model or on the pcb edge, would you try to remove all the footprints and export the bare board to see if you can load it in Sw?

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Did you really use stl from freecad to solid works or did you use step? (stl is a wire mesh format similar to wrl while step is a true exchange format. See What is the difference between step and wrl 3d models?)

Quick update - We tried two other machines with Solidworks and they were both able to read the file properly. It seems to be an issue with that particular installation.

I did both. STL files rendered properly while STEP files did not.

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