Exporting to Fusion360 via Eagle

As Autodesk has purchased Eagle and therefore Fusion 360 can read imported Eagle files, is it possible to convert KiCad files into Eagle format/file and therefore import them into Fusion 360?

I know the obvious way would be to do it via Eagle but you now have to purchase it, I’m suggesting Using Kicad and Fusion and bypassing Eagle.

If not could I be considered for implementioon in future versions

Fusion360 is a 3D CAD software, so I suppose you mean handling a KiCad board as a 3D model. There’s no need to use Eagle - either export the board as a STEP model from KiCad, or import the board into FreeCAD/StepUp and export it from there as STEP.


Exporting a populated board to Fusion (as STEP) works like a charm*). And Exporting STEP (of single 3D components) to KiCAD to be used for the 3D-viewer too.
So what do you want to import/export precisely?

*) Ah, OK. No traces visible. :slight_smile:

Autodesk has always been known for maximising their own profits instead ofteir customers needs, just like almost any commercial company.

I only used Eagle for a short evaluation, but the way it works conflicts with the way my brain is wired, so when it went $$$ (and cloud (= mist) based) I could only cheer it on and drink an extra beer on the boost this would give to KiCad.

Fusion 360 explicitly retains the right to stop giving it away for “free” any time, and I won’t be surprised that then you’ll have to pay a monthly fine for viewing your own drawings. It is a world I would simply never buy into.

I have not used STEP export from KiCad, but I have played breefly with StepUp in FreeCAD, and in StepUp the tracks can also be imported, but it is a separate step which requires a few concious mouse clicks and (I think) it warns about “slowness”, which is definately true on my 12 year old DualCore PC.

If output file size (and with that program speed) is an issue, you may consider to save the board, then delete most of the (SMD) component, just retain the connectors and some components with mechanical importance such as big elco’s and make a .STEP file from that. Then revert to the normal PCB, or close KiCad without saving the “damaged” project.


Stepup allows for copper to be imported into freecad (and then exported to step). It even allows silk to be imported. However i would first ask the mechanical engineers if it is a good idea to have such a detailed model (it will slow down their software without adding any benefit to their workflow).

If the intention is to make pretty pictures then both step and fusion are the wrong choice. For that one would use wrl (with nice material properties) and a renderer like blender, rhino, …

More details: What is the difference between step and wrl 3d models?



Thanks Nickm, I didn’t think of the STEP route. I was looking at the ‘native’ import features and when I saw the Eagle option my brain just stuck in a loop LOL

I don’t need the tracks displayed I just need reference to the boards geometry - mounting holes, components heights etc.

This really works very good. I used it both ways.


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Thanks for the follow up

Unfortunately Freecad has still a way to go before it can be considered a mature program.

I certainly know what I do with Mechanical CAD and CAM, that’s how I make my living. I took everybody’s word that KiCAD rocks, since I’m new to EDA software, so I decided to learn to use it. But take my word, FreeCAD is barely usable comparable to every parametric CAD I’ve used, it certainly doesn’t rock… I’m hoping it will get there, because the idea of a collaboration between too good open-source programs sounds great, but for now I make all the 3D models for my custom libraries at work.


The idea is not to use freecad for your product design but as the communication layer between your cad software and kicad (communication with your cad software using step). This will yield the best possible results until somebody writes an equally powerful direct communication plugin for your preferred cad tool.

Of course you are free not to go via freecad. After all it is your time.

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But every CAD I know exports to step, I never had to use a communication layer :thinking:

The communication layer simply extends your functionalities. You can export step directly from kicad. (nobody here suggested otherwise)

May I disagree? :smiley:

Consider that most of KiCAD 3D model libraries are designed or scripted in FreeCAD…

Have you even looked at the link @pedro suggested?

I’m adding some example of bidirectional collaboration between KiCAD and FreeCAD:
MCAD ECAD collaboration: 3D models placement synchronization

MCAD ECAD collaboration: bidirectional PCB edge design

MCAD ECAD collaboration: footprint & 3D alignment

MCAD ECAD collaboration: KiCAD footprint design in FreeCAD

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Of course you may disagree and everybody can use whatever s/w suits him. I have a colleague who started learning FreeCAD as his first CAD and is happy with it because he hasn’t used anything better. Which programs can you compare it to?

I didn’t say you can’t make a 3D model in FreeCAD, I’m just saying most parametric CAD apps are better at it.

You don’t have to convince me, I’d love to be able to use bidirectional collaboration. When FreeCAD has evolved enough I will.

‘When FreeCAD has evolved enough’ … Enough for you. :wink:

FreeCAD is enough evolved for me and … AirBus :slight_smile:
freecad forum reference

Internships at Airbus

Tasks & accountabilities Activités principales du stage :

Design de pièces tests sous Catia ou Freecad

I don’t want, but I don’t want either someone will get the wrong impression on FreeCAD, just because of your comment.

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@maui you have done us all a major service with the STEPUP tool set. I, for one, would be in trouble without the ability to match board and plastic designs. FreeCAD is an very nice open source implementation of a CAD package and I use it without trouble with the tools you have created for us. But, I do use it for STEP conversions only. All my cad work is done in F360 (or SolidWorks if I have to). FreeCAD is just not (yet) up to a level of complexity (i.e. ability) F360 or SolidWorks offers. The link to AirBus is interesting but does not show how FreeCAD is actually used throughout the company. I once worked for a sub supplier to AirBus working on the auxilary power system located in the tail section and never saw anything but SolidWorks and Mentor Graphics from AirBus.

The FreeCAD go-in-between with your tool set works well and as I said I am very appreciative of your efforts. I do hope that all the functionality you provide at some point makes it into KiCAD itself though.

@Nikolas_A it might not be the one-click button you had in mind to transfer your board into your CAD but the STEPUP tools and FreeCAD do work well and give you the opportunity to continue to use the pleasures that KiCAD give you. It sure is a world better than having a nice smooth transition from Eagle to F360 but then having to do all your work in (the pain called) Eagle!

This one click button exists. Simply export to step directly from kicad. stepup just adds a bit more features to the workflow that might not be needed by everyone.

Ah yes, i actually had in mind making the 3d step files fit the component file in the workflow - then it is a bit more then a button click