Export project from Kicad to Eagle

my problem is the following: I made a project of a simple electronic card with Kicad and using FreeRouting, I have the autoRouting, all right. Unfortunately autoRouting has developed the tracks on 2 layers with 8 vias. By doing a lot of tests I can’t develop the board on 1 layer only. At this point, since the tracks must be located on 1 layer without vias, I should manually solve the problem from PcbNew perhaps by inserting jumps.
The question is the following: how to export the project from Kicad to Eagle and try if Eagle routing manages to solve my problem, that is to have a printed circuit with the tracks on 1 layer.

First. You may not have a solvable problem.

Second. Eagle may do no better.

Third. This is why most prefer manual routing. You are more likely to come up with a better solution than the algorithms. Auto routing won’t move and turn parts. Sometimes moving a resistor allows a path and that resistor then becomes your ‘jumper’.


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