Export/import "outer edge" into an "edge-library"


It looks like the internal 3d-viewer doesn’t understand edges in footprints.


Also this does work for me.
I can display the edge fp in 3d viewer.



a known bug




It’s a different thing. The bug report is about selection inside a footprint. I talk about all items an a board. An edge footprint wouldn’t even have pads.

@maui That 3d thing can be a problem with my specific files, I tried quickly, not exhaustively. What’s your KiCad version?

In any case, if someone wants to suggest supporting Edge.Cuts in footprints as a wishlist item it would be better to do exhaustive testing first, finding out what else should be done. IMO it would defeat the purpose of edges in footprints if there are too many glitches when using them as board edges.


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