Embedding 3-D models in the footprints


Then just put it into the mainstream release!


What part of the quote are you talking about? If it is the first part then i need to tell you that it is in the mainstream version! That is what we try to tell you. For the official libs 3d models there is one central path (also called environment) variable. It is KISYS3DMOD

For personal libs you can choose to use this variable or a personalized one.

If you talk about the archive script then well make a feature request over at the official bugtracker. If enough people are interested in such a feature it might just get implemented. (Or you could pay somebody to implement it or do it your self. Would increase the speed of implementation.)

Maybe as a reminder: We here are just users. We can not change how the software behaves. We can only tell you how to work around the limitations of the current implementation. We are not the ones making decisions on how kicad will look like in the future. (At least not directly)


And you still wonder why…


Many, many years ago I admitted the Erick Raymond’s “Cathedral and Bazaar”. The years passed however and now I’m not so convinced that the “Bazaar” is the best-way-on-the-world for making a software product.
At the end, His Majesty “The End User” will decide if the product is feasible or not.


I just remembered another option that was not yet considered:

I assume you want the 3d models included to show a customer of yours (or your boss) how the part will look like. Might it be better to export the pcb as a full 3d model and send that instead? (Maybe in step format as i would guess the person on the other end might be interested in seeing it inside their product)


And he will visualise the exported STEP model in…?
Guys, I think we lost direction - I just wondered if it’s possible to make the things similar to the Altium’s ones. Of course the Altium’s approach has its own limitations (according to me) - once the STEP model is imported into the footprint file, it cannot be extracted from there (at least I do not know how) in order to be used with another/new footprints.


Any step viewer will do :wink: (STEP is the standard file format for exchanging 3d data. I have never worked in a company that had not at least a viewer installed on every computer.) I might add that this even has the benefit of checking the product in their mechanical CAD program. (So this way is even more flexible)

There are even options to convert STEP to a 3d PDF (but reading that will require the use of adobe readers)

And if we compare it with altium: Why would you assume your customer has altium installed (after all it is quite expensive) How would a customer of yours read your altium files if they do not have it installed?


Yet another "KiCad does not work just like (insert commercial CAD package name here) moan.
Several perfectly good solutions have been put forward by the volunteers.

I am locking this thread