Elektuur Symbol Library

Continuing the discussion from Idea: Eeschema Multiple Alternate Symbol Shapes because that thread has been closed.

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A few high quality Elektuur (now Elektor) style symbols introduced in the later 1970s (until the early 1990s when they became more angular). The symbol size has been increased by 1.6% (2 mm grid to 80 mil grid) and the pins realigned to a 100 mil grid.


Generic symbol library (BJT, C, D, LED, LDR, Schottky D, Zener D, varicap D, L, P, R, NTC/PTC R, VDR, Re, S, La, LS, Mic, GND, Xtal, F, battery, meter, terminal, heatsink, opamp, inverter, NAND, XNOR):
ElektuurKiCad5.zip (13.3 KB)

Recommended settings for KiCad 5 (on Windows):

    Modern Toolset (Fallback)    [✓ select this]
            Graphics (Fallback): High Quality Antialiasing
            ☐ Automatically place symbol fields
            Display Options
                Wire thickness:  10 mil
                Junction size:   40 mil
        Symbol Editor
            Default line width:  10 mil
View [or right mouse button]
    Grid Settings...
        Grid size:              100 mil [50 mil for diagonal alt. shape]
                                        [25 mil for text or wires of gate alt. shape]
                                        [10 mil for transformer]
                    ☑ Adjust passive symbol values (e.g. M → Meg; 100 nF → 100n)

See also Elektuur Retro Lettering (oktuur.zip for Inkscape/SVG).
See also Getting Started with KiCad EDA - Eeschema Schematic Capture (Elektor TV video).


I’ve been looking for years, for an 80’s style Elektor/Elektuur symbols set, for a contemporary ECAD.
From what I discovered, and given the times it all started, it’s always been a graphic designers work, more than an engineering/CAD one - until recent times, I think.
Also, I remember to have seen a schematic with the same symbols in a professional technical analysis document, but I’ve no idea on who did that and how.

Regarding the other software mentioned, I’ve already took a look at that in the past. I think that the similarities are just in the standardized IEC/European symbols (like resistors, capacitors, etc.) that were also employed as a basis in Elektor symbols. This can be the reason for which I liked the Elektor interpretation of that set.
Those were still the times when electronics was still full of discrete components, so a well drawn scheme could make the difference. In the latest twenty years or so, even Elektor has started employing mostly MCUs, or other highly integrated chips, so schematics is barely a few rectangles with pin numbers – and less smart analog and digital inventions, that are left to chip makers or software/firmware solutions (…)

Added Eeschema 5.1.12-9 executable for 64-bit Windows (a replacement of _eeschema.kiface on top of the official installation). See also the branch history.

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Some of above symbols (C, D, LED, LDR, L, R, T, Zener, opamp, battery, F, lamp, fake GND) for LTspice XVII (for KiCad + ngspice see top posting), with Elektor’s Getting Started with LTspice example schematic (developed by B. Kainka). Assuming font Arial 24 Bold and stroke width of ⅛ grid spacing (for example, pen thickness of 10 for max. zoom). Symbol size has been increased by 27% (2 mm grid to 0.1 inch grid) or by 25% (2 mm grid to 2.5 mm metric grid), depending on paper size.

ElektuurLTspice.zip (40.7 KB)

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I’ve also updated my forked source branch 6.0-shapes-pots to KiCad 6 RC1.

Note that MR !425 cannot be updated with branch 6-multiple-alternate-shapes anymore because it was locked by @Qbort.

It was locked because you kept reopening it. As already discussed, that implementation as is would not make it to KiCad.

I am happy to work on other solutions together but you refused to join the developers mailing list where this type of discussion would happen.

Reopening and closing updates the commits with the rebased ones, that’s all. The locking happened after I replaced the misspelled DeMorgan with De Morgan in the description, like it was just done in KiCad. Anyway, I don’t seem to get along with stambaughw, Seth_h, marekr, Qbort, so never mind…