eEschema not allowing alternate GND nets (such as GNDREF)


Oh, i see it now. I did not think about the fact that you have one side with even number of pins and one with odd number.

You are right. Looks better if at least one pin is on 50 mil grid in that case.


What about something like this?

0.8" wide by 0.5" tall. Same width, 0.1" taller


A bit big for my taste. I think the best option is really to make it as @bobc made it in the first place. (Sorry for re starting this discussion.)

Executive decision (by a library manager): @bobc is allowed to have it on 50mil grid.


Another possibility :

Looks a bit like someone who lost a tooth, but it’s symmetrical.

I realise I made a mistake with the OR gate graphic, they were supposed to be 300x300 mil, which is why the pins get messed up. I can fix that.