Editing an STL file and exporting

Hello all,

i am trying to edit the stl file attached here. Well its edited but when i am exporting the cube also gets exported.Terminal Block Connector 1 pin_300V-20A.FCStd (326.1 KB)

Can anyone show me how to export to stl with only what is seen on Free cad

Is it really a stl file or do you mean step? stl is a surface mesh file which is not really a good file format for editing in tools similar to freecad. Tools like blender are better equipped to deal with such files. stl is similar to wrl in this regard so this faq article might interest you: What is the difference between step and wrl 3d models?

Its indeed a stp File not ans stl

if you have it as stp then i suggest the use of the kicad stepup workbench for getting 3d models for use in kicad.

I wouldn’t say FreeCAD is easy to use or learn. By experimenting I found out that you can get what you want with StepUp’s “Make a union” tool. The elements which are visible in the view are colored in the object tree: Cut and three parts of the screw. Select those objects in the tree (keep Ctrl pressed and click on each of them). Then use “Make a union”. You will get a new object. That can be selected and then exported (use StepUp for exporting if you use it in KiCad).

So i’ve managed to make it this far and this is how i want it to look like. Basically a 2 pin Terminal barrier block. Is this how its suppose to look on the right ?

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