Dynamic JLCPCB BOM/CPL exporter


I’ve made a couple of scripts for exporting BOMs to JLC.
The main feature is that it searches and populates the LCSC references based on what’s available and cheapest.

There might be a couple bugs, let me know how it works out for you :slight_smile:
I’m using v6 for testing, but it should work with v5.

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I have modify to update this plugin https://github.com/hildogjr/kicad_jlcpcba/ that works directly on Pcbnew/KiCad 5.99 to create the BOM and position files (using less libraries as possible and fixing the rotation), that will not need scrape the design files (Python API get all information).

But it don’t automatically populate the Manufacture Part Numbers. Maybe we could merge such functionalities to have a friendly plugin for v6.


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