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I am currently having trouble importing my DXF drawings into kicad pcbnew.
I used Python/phidl to draw the trace of a tapered microstrip line. The GDS file created by phidl is converted to DXF file using KLayout. I have no issue viewing the dxf file on other DXF viewers like eDrawing. However, when I import this DXF drawing into KiCad, the program is not showing the correct shape. Does anyone know what happened here?


Since I am a new user, I cannot upload my file here, but here is a link:

Not an answer regarding dxf import but i think getting your tapered pad might be easier in other ways. Example Rounded Tracks Reloaded ... again: RF Tools for KiCad

Hi Rene,

Thanks for the quick respond!
I looked into the link that you provided, but it seems that the taper function only can be used to footprints. Do you know if it also applies to tracks? Because what I am trying to do is not a tapered pad but a triangular tapered transmission line for impedance matching.


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KiCad tracks do not support tapering. So you will need to use either some form of graphical polygon made in pcb_new or use one inside the footprint. The latter allows you to convert this tapered shape into a complex pad which can be assigned to a net unlike a graphical polygon.

Another option is the use of a copper zone but there you run into trouble if you place something near it.

However both would require you to get the dxf import running. If you can import it to freecad then you could use Kicad StepUp: The Sketcher for Footprint generation as a go between.

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I don’t know phidl tool, but your DXF file is generated as a lot of adjoining pads… this is not easily handled even in FreeCAD to create a footprint with your shapes…
StepUp is working well with outlined shapes like the following antenna:

I would suggest to have a look at these two links:



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This is more about getting input because I know little about the subject. Would it be a sub listing to step up?

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