Dual and Quad OpAmp symbols (solved)


I need some help with the use of multiple-part components.

I want to use a quad opamp (TLC074), but I couldn’t find enough information on how to properly create a multiple part component.

Also, when I insert, in Eeschema, a dual or quad opamp symbol, I only get ONE opamp symbol.

I have already managed to create a PCB and also a custom component, but here I’m lost.

Could anybody put me in the right direction ?

Thanks in advance !


I made a detailed write up about something similar a while ago:
(There i showed how to change a multi unit symbol but it should still be enough information for you. If there still remain some questions just ask.)

When you add the second unit, take the one from the history of your project:
(There should be all units listed. Otherwise click on the plus left of the symbol name.)


Thanks a lot for this very detailed answer. This should get me there !
I can’t try it right now, (bed time where I live), so I’ll be back on this tomorrow.

Again, thanks a lot !


I would create a separate unit with power pins visible. Hidden power pins are far more likely to cause unexpected problems with typical Opamp usage than with logic parts

If i remember correctly my tutorial was about how to change the current logic symbols from having hidden power symbols to a more sane solution where one separate unit holds the power pins.

The only drawback is that with this solution one can not exchange units anymore.

Hello Rene,
I’ve found the time to come back to my electronics project, and thanks to your explanations, creating my TLC074 symbol has been super easy !
So, thanks again, everything is clear.