DRC not complaning with copper polygons

There’s a danger of misunderstanding here. The file format has been changed a bit, but the custom pads are similar in 5.1 and 5.99. Only the UI workflow has been changed. If the footprints are created programmatically it works in the same way in both versions, sans the small file format changes which aren’t directly related to custom pads.

For comparison, here are custom pads made in 5.1 and 5.99:

  (pad 1 thru_hole custom (at 0 0) (size 1.524 1.524) (drill 0.762) (layers *.Cu *.Mask)
    (options (clearance outline) (anchor circle))
      (gr_poly (pts
         (xy 2 2) (xy -1 2) (xy -1 -2) (xy 2 -2)) (width 0.1))

  (pad "1" thru_hole custom (at 0 0) (size 1.524 1.524) (drill 0.762) (layers *.Cu *.Mask)
    (options (clearance outline) (anchor circle))
      (gr_poly (pts
          (xy 2 2)
          (xy -1 2)
          (xy -1 -2)
          (xy 2 -2)
        ) (width 0.12) (fill yes))
    ) (tstamp db90bdd3-2ac6-43eb-95b3-a2e8557f9494))

As you can see, the differences aren’t related to the custom pad, but to pads and graphic shapes in general. The parts which make the pad a “custom” pad are exactly identical.


Thanks! Our developers are looking into this now. I should have updates shortly!

Update: we have found the root cause of the issue. The polygon was being placed outside of the pad definition. By placing it inside the pad primitive, it is now working correctly. Will let everyone know then this fix it live. Thanks again to everyone for flagging this.


Hey everyone, we have updated our exporter to support this case with custom pads. You can download the custom pad as a native custom pad here: https://www.snapeda.com/parts/DRV8601DRBR/Texas%20Instruments/view-part/667784/?ref=search&t=drv8601. Thanks again for flagging and please keep the feedback coming, we really appreciate it, and hope this helps you all too!

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