Dragging parts without messing the traces

I am talking layout. In layout the D key doesn’t do it. The traces should stay attached and behave like elastic bands.

Laying out the schematic, or laying out the PCB :slight_smile:

I repeat:


But as I said, it’s use is limited for several reasons. It can only shift the directly attached tracks for example.

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Nope, it’s not broken.

The screen recording is from V7.99, because that is what I had open at the moment, but I verified it in V7.0.10 and it works there too. But it’s use is a bit fiddly. One of the details is you have to exit other functions first (i.e. press [ESC]) for it to work.

Works for me on bottom too, with Blue tracks.

I also tested it with one track on the top, and the other on the bottom. Works too.

@paulvdh You are correct. Pardon the noise, I’ll delete my posts for clarity to the OP.

I have a test schematic and PCB to check forum problems.

D does not work on some of the footprints. Who knows what I have done to those footprints.
Time to retire that test project and start another.

D key does the job when grabbing one component only, buy if you select a group, the traces don’t follow the group when you move it.

Correct. Only one footprint at a time. There probably is a feature request on gitlab for keeping tracks attached while dragging a block, but I guess it’s more important if it could resolve DRC issues with tracks that are further away first.

Meh, the damage has already been done. I’m not going back to spend more time to clean it up.

You will notice, if you create a selection or Group; then RMB to the “Select” list, no Drag feature or hotkey now exists.

but if you select a group, the traces don’t follow the group when you move it

Yes, thats a weakness in the Kicad pcb editor and makes modifying existing boards harder than necessary.
But fortunately the next evolution step (upcoming Kicad v8) is already under way and allows the drag operation with multiple footprints (== a selection of footprints), which is a step forward. (This extended feature is not mentioned in the new-features-thread Post-v7 new features and development news - #5 by mikebwilliams , albeit I consider this a important improvement).
The dragging of a selection including tracks+vias is still not supported.

If you want you can already test this feature with the current nightly development version v7.99. The nightly version can be installed in parallel to v7. Be aware that saved projects later can’t be opened with v7.

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Have you sussed it or did ‘G’ for Grab not work ? because in my version of Kicad I hover and press G and the component remains connected like 'Rubber Bands ’

In version 7 G doesn’t work for me. D does it like you’re saying, but for one component only not for a group.

Thats bizarre as I use 7.0.10 on a windows 10 machine and I can Grab ‘G’ single parts and multiple parts and ‘D’ is something to do with datasheets to move single parts I us ‘M’ I realy don’t know what the deal is there.

My hotkeys work the same as SMPS. I’m trying to find out why at the moment.

Ah, silly me. I should spend more time RTFM. :roll_eyes:
G function is for dragging tracks at any angle, not footprints.
D will drag a footprint with attached tracks or drag tracks on 45° & 90°.

If you open hotkeys and type “drag” at the top, search lists the drag keys and their uses.

Kicad has never had that feature.

If at your KiCad ‘D’ in PCB has anything to datasheet than you have changed your hotkeys.

Have you read post starting this thread:

Don’t you speak about schematic in thread about PCB?

My bad :crazy_face: Yes I have started blithering on about the schematic. I think I instantly jumped on this because I know about shifting stuff around at the PCB editor. I hope nobody has jumped off a bridge because of me :woozy_face:

As shown in PCB Editor/Preferences/Preferences/Hotkeys in my V7.0.7 setup:

It doesn’t seem to work for me. ‘G’ just grabs the footprint and leaves the tracks where they are with nets shown. And the footprints are definitely attached to their tracks before the action, Net Inspector clearly shows that.

I can’t seem to find a way to make a footprint and all attached tracks to move together, only the footprint and a single track. Am I missing something in the grabbing/dragging process?

EDIT: I’ve just thought it could be down to tracks on different layers. It seems to work for me with two terminal components on the same layer but not for three or for terminals on differing layers.

It’s clear now that it cannot be done, but would be nice to have this feature in the next rev.

I’ve figured out a little more about this. When I said it was only picking up a single track with the footprint the answer was pretty obvious. It was because my working copper layer was the same side as the tracks which were picked. Tracks on the non-active side are ignored. If all of the tracks are on the same side then it will in fact move all of them with the footprint.

We’re halfway there. It would be a nice feature to be able to select both copper layers, or a selection if there are more than two, to be activated with this function. It is in fact almost already there programmatically.

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