Doubts when using the LM324

I am trying to create a PCB in which I will use the IC LM324 (this IC has 4 opamps with 14 pins), but when I use it in the Eeschema I get divided into small amplifiers, with the 5 representative units of the IC (4 opamps and its Vcc and Gnd).
I want to design a PCB in which I can mount the LM324, then I have this doubt: what footprint to put this IC so that in the PCB is represented as what it is, an IC with 14 pins? Can someone give me some examples using this IC (or a similar one)?


The idea is that schematic to be readable needs each opamp used in its right place. If you had them all at schematic placed together in box representing the IC 14 pin case then it would be hard to understand what that circuit does.
If you will have 4 LM324 OpAms at schematic and enumerate it KiCad gives to them all the same IC identifier but each with letter A,B,C, or D. That means they all are one IC.
You should select the 14 pin case (SMD or Throuh-Hole). I don’t use KiCad library which needs to select cases so I can’t say details. But idea is as I’ve written.


Yeah, you are right. Already doing what you recommend me, but now: in the FootPrint Asigment menu, how can I delete the footprint for one of the components? (I (wrongly) assing to each LM324 unit the footprint of the entire IC and now I can not delete it)

Thanks for your answer!

I think you can open the symbol properties in eeschema (or key “E” on the symbol) to remove, or change the value for footprint field manually.

Yeap, I did that, but when I export the NetList and import in the PCBnew this lastone keep importing me those components :frowning:

I simply delete them when import the NetList in the PCBnew


Had you play with all check box in the PCB import netlist dialog. There should be some option for Exchange Footprint and Extra Footprints would delete/update the board automatically without manually remove it.

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A few FAQ articles might be a good read for you.


I don’t understand the description of your problem.

When using components with multiple sections it is important to annotate them correctly. Does your schematic show the same unit designation for each section? For example, are the sections of your LM324 designated as U1A, U1B, U1C, U1D, and U1E? If that is true, then PCBNew should have only one instance of a 14-pin package, containing all of those sections in a single part.



The problem is: I assing the same footprint to each section (U1A, U1B, etc), I didnt realize that I need only one instance of the footprint.
I alread solve the problem, thanks for your answer :smiley:

I dindt find any of this options :frowning:
Thanks anyways!

This is a screenshot of a recent nightly, so will not match what you see, but the idea and start button I circled is the same:


Thanks for your answer!!!

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