Do the instructions online not apply to mac?

You may want to read the KiCad getting started guide, as it goes over the whole process of making a simple board from a schematic, choosing footprints, etc. It’s fully updated for V6.

It’s not “live” between schematic <-> PCB, you have to do a manual “update pcb from schematic” step, but that’s usually painless. There are some other tools that are live (Eagle comes to mind). Opinions differ as to which is preferable :slight_smile: I like to control when the PCB gets updated.

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yes, I have read through it. lot of info in there of course, so will have to re-read a lot and watch some vids…

Spoke to buddy of mine who has been doing PCB’s for years. Brought up fritzing and he highly encouraged me to stick it out with kicad so I’ll be competent on the more advanced program… So I guess I’ll stay here, haha

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