Distributing 3D models with footprints

It appears that there are three ways to attach a part 3D model to its footprint:

  1. Relative path from KISYS3DMOD
  2. Absolute path
  3. Relative from project custom variable path like KIPRJMOD

My problem is that the footprint .kicad_mod file itself contains the path to its 3D model. So if I want to release a footprint and associated 3D model on GitHub, none of those options really fit. Am I missing a way to provide a path relative to the .kicad_mod file? Or anything that would work like that?

I have a .pretty GitHub repo for all of my footprints and it works really well except for 3D models.

I have the same problem. It used to work ok before KiCad v4, I could point to 3d models in the same repo with a relative path, but that no longer works.

The only approach I have is to leave instructions for the user to copy 3D models to a specified folder below KISYS3DMOD (as 1).

Hi @tylercrumpton
You can find a gh approach here

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