Difficulty filling F.Cu with filled zones

Hi guys, I am new here, just joined. I finished my project on KiCAD and I am having difficulty in filling copper on the top layer. The bottom layer is getting filled but the top not so well. I don’t know if its because of many traces on the top side which it doesn’t fill but I wanted to know how do I fill my top copper layer as it looks incomplete.

Thank you.

Is the signal of your copper fill present on the top layer as well ? If not, you will need to use some vias to connect top and bottom side, otherwise the signal “can not get” to the other side.

yes it is, both sides are filled and I have selected the net as ground/VSS the bottom layer has just one trace but the top has the most number of traces.

A picture will help to get a better idea of what is going on, if possible. Because you are new, you will be limited to one picture per post. I needed make multiple post, also, paste your kicad version from help->about->copy version information

See also the appendix in How to create a power plane (using zones).

EDIT: I just updated it with “stiching vias” video.

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Without a screenshot or an uploaded project it is difficult to be definitive but the usual reason that a fill isn’t connected in some area is because there is isolated copper that cannot be reached due to a combination of the layout and the clearances. If you have the same net on top and bottom copper, e.g. a GND net, then you simply need to connect the two layers with a few vias. If the nets are different then you might need to adjust your routing.

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I definitely agree with you John!

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