Delete Unit B but keep Unit C of a symbol

I’m making a new symbol for which I started with a copy of an existing symbol which has a lot in common with it.
The new symbol should have only two units one of which is for the power supply. The old symbol has three
units, I want to delete Unit B and keep Unit A en C (this one is for the power supply pins), is this possible?

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Definitely with a text editor. With the symbol editor it will be a bit tricky.

You could take a look at this old tutorial of mine for inspiration of how it can be done: IC footprint VCC+GND (This and especially the post after it should give you a hint)

I figured out a workaround: first copy unit C (draw rectangle around it and CTRL-c), then deleting 1 unit (unfortunately the wrong one) using Edit symbol properties, then removing the unwanted stuff in unit B and finally pasting in the good stuff of unit C. Of course it would be nice if the user could just tell which unit to delete in stead of just changing the number of units.

“Just in case”… As you don’t specify this point : The ‘C’ unit you keep should be renamed ‘B’.

We usually expect the ‘A’, ‘B’, etc… multi-part designators to be consecutive letters starting at ‘A’

Strange enough, KLC (Kicad Library Convention) don’t say anything on this subject.

The letter is assigned automatically. The units are numbers in the file format. I don’t think it is possible to have units missing in the middle. (So no need to specify it in the KLC)

Would making “B” a null part symbol with no pins work?

If you then accidentally place unit B you might not be able to interact with it. Might also confuse your self or anyone else that unit b is missing from the schematic.

If KiCad had the possibility to remove a unit by name e.g. Unit B, it would be convenient if it automatically renamed the units without missing letters i.e. Unit C becoming Unit B after this operation.

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It would have to have a box and text, so that you can see it.

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