Custom footprint - vias not displaying on Top Cu


for some reason the via don’t display properly in the 3D view, so I suspect something is wrong with my footprint

the idea is to have 4 top/bottom pads linked with a via

The grey stuff on the picture with “Why no holes?” is solder paste, and it’s normal the holes do not show though the solder paste.

To the right side of that, the round pads seem to be exposed copper, while the bigger rectangular pads are hidden under the solder mask layer. I do not have the bigger picture of what sort of footprint this is and whether this is correct or not.

meh, solder paste, ok… whish the 3D view had more show/hide options

as I said, just pads Top/Down so I can solder on both sides and they have to be connected

You can definitely hide the solder paste in the 3d viewer.

Just be sure that you actually want solder paste there. It will probably flow into the hole during manufacturing.

I dont want solder paste, last time I ordered a pcb there were none, why would there be, I solder everything myself and dont even use a stencil so…
but thanks for the help

It would be hilarious, messy and extremely unlikely if they would send PCB’s to you with solder paste on them.

The solder paste layers are normally only used to make the solder stencils. If you know in advance you have no use for this, then just turning on the paste layers and ignoring them is the simplest.

lol yeah

now I get some errors running the DRC, not sure what is the issue


Earlier I already wrote:

It looks like you made a footprint with both THT and SMT pads (because both have pad numbers). But I don’t know all the details from just some screenshots. It may help if you edit the footprint, and then turn on the solder mask layer. Scraping of solder mask, just to be able to solder to your pads is no fun.

No ‘Scraping required’ if you place a Filled-Shape in the Mask Layer.

Below shows two Pads with Rectangle on Pad’s Mask layer to expose the Cu for soldering… Can do the same for Vias…

the first screenshot in the main post has all the details

2 pads bottom and top
I added a via to connect them, hence having the same pin number

ok I used the F/B mask (and my brain) this time and it works

let’s hope it will be JLCPCB compatible

thx BlackCoffee

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aaaaaaand no pads…f@#k


It’s common to make mistakes like that. After you’ve done this once or twice, you will probably learn to check your gerbers, and maybe even set up a checklist before your send your artwork to a fab. It looks like you’re PCB’s are still usable, with plating inside the castellations. If not, then you’re still lucky these are relatively small and cheap PCB’s (Unless your ordered 100+ of them :sunglasses: )

we can check the gerber files ? like open them in the pcb editor or something ?

Yup, open them in the Gerber Viewer . . .


thanks I missed that

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