Creating your own offline libraries in new Kicad


This script isn’t included because the Pcbnew has a build in tool to fetch libraries and preconfigure Library Table. You can follow the steps in @bobc message or read the current CvPcb manual section 5.3. (see: )

If you still looking for this script go to the GitHub KiCad source mirror:


Thanks for your reply, and it’s ok, got it.
I have made a local copy of the footprint libraries as mentioned by bobc and it was success, but a surprise thing was there is additionally new 9 libraries got added to the local copy. but it did’t appear/sync in the global library table.

why the new additions to the git library is not reflecting in my installation?

does the eeschema libraries also working in this way? do we need to manually update?

and the documents link you’r given was the updated one right? many thanks.:slight_smile:


Because many users has its own libraries, and don’t follow the official ones.

Yes. And here also better is to rely on our own libraries.

In both cases be prepared to long term “design trip”. I’ve started in 2009/2010 and still I don’t have a full set of libraries that I’d like to have. These hundreds of symbols which I added to the official library is up 20% of what I want to be found there.


In case someone needs to create a new components library only, it seems that is sufficient to create a new MyLib.lib file containing only

EESchema-LIBRARY Version 2.3

And that can be selected as a component library. You open the Schematic/part Library Editor, and you can add it to the list of active libraries from Preferences > Component Library. I could not find this functionality anywhere and I need to add a new component in a local library so that I can use VCS.