Creating Polygon Track

I’m now searching for a while for an possibility to route an track with an polygon.
Is there any possibilty to do this? Or at least to route arcs and curves for an antenna

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I would not really suggest to draw an antenna direclty on the board with traces. A better approach is to create a footprint that holds the antenna.
To achieve this create a complex pad out of graphical primitives like lines and arcs or filled polygons (depending on your needs)

A complex pad is made by drawing your shape with the graphical tools on any layer (make sure the primitives overlap), then place a single pad as the anchor point (must be a circular or rectangular pad), select the pad and all primitives -> right click -> create pad from shapes (or similar wording)

Especially polygons might however be best handled with the use of freecad and its extension stepup. Kicad StepUp: The Sketcher for Footprint generation


Hi, I only want to make the line to an SMA connector with curves and splines. Not the antenna itself.

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OK, no easy way to make an arc in KICAD :slight_smile:

Read all links :wink: There is a plugin for it.

If making the PCB yourself (CNC or etch), you can Draw curve/lines on Eco layer or, use the Bitmap tool and set export to Eco layer. Use it as like a Silk layer to leave copper on board.

If having PCB made by source, ask them what layer to put the graphic on and tell them it’s a copper trace with connection to a pad.

Image below shows Curve on Eco1 layer and result on CNC milling preview (I forgot to put the curve on the same layer as the Pads/DIP but, you get the idea…)

Another Option:

I think some folk come to KiCad with some Fritzing experience. The good news is that this is one of Fritzing’s strengths (sorry KiCad folks).

Image below shows Three curves:

  1. Top copper layer - simply clicked trace, held CMD key and dragged to make the curved trace. Can’t be any easier!

  2. Bottom copper layer - same as done in top layer (But, I did not bother to cut the btm trace)

  3. Top copper layer - loaded an SVG into an Image part. This is how Copper Logo’s are made in Fritzing.

Would like to see KiCad and Fritzing tools combined into one app!

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