Creating custom components


how can I create custom components that I don’t manage to find in the default libraries?

e.g. the following diode: BAR6302VH6327XTSA1


Thanks. For the specific component that I cite, do you think I have to actually create the component myself? On infineon’s website I found a couple of pcb design data but not one for kicad :frowning: I’m new to kicat though and would prefer to just download it somewhere if at all possible…

In KiCad there are two separate parts to each component. The schematic symbol and the PCB footprint. Unless you specifically need the specialized PIN diode symbol, a regular diode symbol will do. If you must, just put a small text “P” next to it. For the footprint, I don’t see the SC-79 footprint in the libraries, but there is a SC-80 symbol (two versions, one for hand soldering) that you can use as a starting point to modify for SC-79.

Building your own symbols and footprints are actually valuable skills to learn because it is often much faster to draw your own (or modify an existing) symbol/footprint than try to search for the symbol/footprint online.

Rene linked above a FAQ for designing symbols, and here is a FAQ for footprints:

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