Creating 5V/3V3 power input

I am currently creating an Arduino Uno board using a Robert Feranec Udemy tutorial for Altium and doing the steps with KiCAD(of course it is KiCAD, why else would I be writing here). I have problem creating a 5V/3V3 power input. I would happy with any suggestions.

KiCad can do some extra checks for power connections, and for this it depends on “PWR_FLAG”, and int this it is a bit unusual compared with other EDA programs.

This forum has a valuable FAQ section, and a search for “PWR_FLAG” in that section gives 2 results, which may both be useful to you:

If you keep having trouble with some part of KiCad, try to give more details about the problems you are encountering.

Well following an altium tutorial when working with KiCad might not be the best idea. The workflow is quite a bit different. I mean it can help if one already knows how to use KiCad but needs additional info regarding the arduino steps (doubtful) but really only in that case.

So maybe start by learning KiCad with tutorials for KiCad. We even have some on the forum (if you like me prefer reading over videos, otherwise YouTube is your friend)

If you want more precise help, then you will need to give us more details. What exactly are you trying to do right now? What do you expect (from the altium tutorial) to be necessary to achieve that?

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