Create new footprint by editing and saving an existing library entry

I am using Kicad 5.x and trying to edit an existing footprint to create a new, revised one. Following the Help section for PCBnew I am looking in the section “12.7. Transferring a footprint from one library to another” where the instructions say to select the source library - which I attempt to do - however once I have browsed to the source library path it then asks if I want to over-write that library entry and, of course, I say no. It would appear that the instructions are incorrect, but that seems unlikely.
My goal here is to create a couple of new IC sockets based on existing sockets, but I am certainly doing something wrong. The tutorials are just for creating (from scratch), I’m looking for creating from existing footprint.

I’ve created some libraries by copying the library files (in the Finder on my Mac) from another library and then manually editing the text file. I didn’t want to draw a mosfet, for example, and there’s already a TO-220-3.mod file for other components. So I just copied stuff into a new library folder. The new library can be opened and edited in the app symbol and footprint editors.

Maybe that helps you. I’m very new to this, so my terminology may be off - and there may be another better way.

This is not obvious compared to about every other software in the world, but you have to use “Save”. It actually works as “Save As”. Just select the library in the dialog and possibly give a new name for the footprint.

The libraries must be in the currently used fp-lib-table, i.e. you have to have correct setup in Preferences->Manage Footprint Libraries.

this might help: (Click the link or the little arrow in the top right to see the full post)

I don’t want to build one from scratch, I want to open and edit an existing footprint and save it elsewhere.

@JRR Click the link and scroll down a little.
Or, click the down arrow…

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I updated the title of my FAQ entry to show that it also handles starting from a preexisting footprint.

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Oh, crap, I made the assumption the link was the same as the documentation that came with the 5.x code. Yeah, I should have looked and then I would have spotted it!

If that solves my issue then I will change the subject line to

Thanks for your patience, I should know better!

John :-#)#

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