Copying Portions of Schematic from Another File or Project?


Thanks nor, this helped a lot.
You are right, file open is only available in standalone eeschema.
Win7, KiCad 5.1.0


Thanks for your approach, it seemed to work her at first, only the copied block referenced the <old_project>-rescue.lib . Re-assigning the comonents is not a huge deal, but maybe I’m missing something and this shouldn’t happen?


Are you sure this works from one project to another, not just within a schema?


Well if your old project relied on the rescue lib then your schematic is no longer really reusable. That is just how it is.

You have two options:

  • Fix the references and point them to the current equivalent symbol in the normal libraries.
  • temporarily add the old rescue lib to the project local libraries. Save the schematic. Remove the old rescue lib. Start the rescue dialog to get the old symbols into the rescue lib of the current project.

This all will go away with the new file format that is expected to be part of v6. (So about two years from now.)


OK, thanks Rene! Another important lesson learned!

Having said that, there is a rescue-lib in every project folder. So I would have to grep all the .sch files and check if it contains the *-rescue link? Just did that with one schematics file and it reported 49 cases (in 1533 lines).


Do not use kicad external tools to fix this if you do not fully understand the file format!

If you want to go with option 1 then use the library link editor which is found in the tools menu. I explain that in detail as part of Converting KiCad version 4 projects to version 5 (Remap a project)

If you want to go with option 2 then you really do not need to care how many symbols are used but only how many rescue libs are used.

  • Step one of adding the old rescue lib to the current projects list of libs and saving the schematic will copy all used assets into the cache library.
  • Step 2 of removing said rescue lib from the list of libs and starting the rescue dialog will create a new rescue lib in your current project where the symbols that now only existed in the cache lib will be copied.


OK, thanks for the detailed instructions, Rene!