Contributing to update of VRML librarys to STEP?


@SchrodingersGat @Rene_Poschl would it be ok to use Measurement_scales.Pretty for footprints of size comparison? Rubiks cubes, coins, cans etc? 3D models will ofcourse also be there :slight_smile:


I would use a second (virtual) footprint for that.

Why would i use a virtual footprint for the official lib?
It is much more flexible.
Just take the example of my phoenix connectors. For my personal lib it is ok that i generate a pcb connector/cable connector pair. but there are at least 5 different cable connectors that fit a specific pcb connector and vice versa. Either we have 5 real footprints for the pcb side plus 5 virtual footprints for their counter part.
Or we need one footprint for each possible combination. (A lot more than 10 footprints. Iā€™m currently to tired to calculate the number of needed footprints for this example. Iā€™m sure it grows at least as fast as n! if not as fast as n^n)