Connector footprint/3D viewer

The footprint assignment tool got my connector all wrong. I wanted a connector which is 40-way (20 x 2) to another connector which is 16 way (8 x 2).
Yet, when I went to PCB design and after editing the layout, I realised the 40 way connector was only 32 way (16 x 2), despite me selecting 40-way in the footprint assignment tool

And while I’m here, how do I get the components to show with it mounted on the 3-D viewer? It only shows the pcb when I look at it

Do you have the components set to show ?

So what is the connector footprint you assigned? It is possible there is some error in that footprint, but it’s more likely you made a mistake. But it’s also easy to select and assign some other footprint that does work for you.

Not all footprints have a 3D model. And if there is no 3D model, then KiCad can’t show it. The 3D viewer also has toggle switches for turning THT or SMT footprints (and other things) on or off.

Sorry, I’ve just come back from a long time since I last used it, and I thought this was automatically turned on
So at the moment, I don’t know where that is

Yeah I found what the problem was. I didn’t assign the correct connector to the schematic footprint, and the 3d viewer was I didn’t double click on the components, instead, just single clicked and I thought that clicking the “Apply…” was adequate, it clearly wasn’t. So now the right connector is in place and now showing on 3D viewer correctly as well