Connecting a 9V Battery

Hi, beginner here. I had a few (possibly dumb) questions. I wanted to have two simple holes on my PCB with + and - on them to connect a 9V battery. Is there a footprint for this?

You can use almost any TH (Through Hole) Footprint and make your PCB functionally work.

However, you have also specified,;

You neglected to mention how many layers the design will have and also neglected to state how you plan to have the board fabricated.

You reading this; are like “Why should it be this complicated!??? I just want two(2) holes in my board to connect a common 9V battery!”

If you spend a little bit of time to learn to create your own Footprint you may also learn how many small details there are in drawing simple lines to make such a Footprint exactly how you want it.

After you create your own Symbols/Footprints a few times, it becomes less time consuming to just make them yourself instead of spending the time to ask about them here on this forum.

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Do you mean that you want to connect two wires from the battery? If so yo just need to place a two pim connector, say 0.1".
If you want to attach the 9V battery onto the board then look for PP3 9V pcb battery clip.

The minimum is to place two THT pads into your footprint and add some text onto the silk layers to know what is plus and what is minus. Search for solderwire in the official footprint library.

It is however suggested to also include some sort of protection against bending the wire right where the solder ends. Either thread the wire through a number of non plated holes (with insulation intact there) or glue it onto the pcb.

Another alternative is a simple screw terminal. They are quite inexpensive but make sure you buy one that is rated for your current requirements. (And stay away from cheap chinese knockoffs until you are able to determine which of them are good enough to be used.)

I might as well link to a tutorial about footprint creation as I suggest making your own one: Tutorial: How to make a footprint in KiCad 5.1.x (From scratch)?

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