Component Library Help File (v5.1.5)

§7.1.10-7.1.14 can’t be invoked, as it looks like the manual describes method/features that don’t exist.

I am trying to set the paths as prescibed in the tutorial, but there is no such Preferences → Component Libraries option in Eeschema. I have been all around Eeschema and the project panel and cannot find anywhere to set these;
Go to PreferencesComponent Libraries and add both tutorial1/library/ in User defined search path and myLib.lib in Component library files .

I can’t delete this post. UPDATE:
I found that the bundled help in KiCAD 5.1.5 was published 2015, May 16. Obviously quote old. I have found the recent and up-to-date version on the documentation page.

A few FAQ articles might be helpful:

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Thank you for the help!

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