Component attributes move when placing on schematic

Hello users of Kicad,

I am struggeling with a few nuances after my long work history with Eagle.
I’m still very heavilly applying my eagle workflow to Kicad, so apologies if some of this doesnt make sense.
But that aside;

I am keen on creating consistent component libraries. So I have been very annoyed lately with Kicad throwing out my text alignment for the visible attributes in the component.
It is nicely aligned in the symbol, but if I place the component that alignment is just thrown out the window for some reason.

My base grid used in both schematic and symbol editor is 1.27mm, and then each lower grid size is a /2 of that. In the symbol editor i use 1/8th of my base grid to place all text

Here is how I align it in the symbol editor:

this is how it is shown at when i select ‘place in schematic’ (so just holding the component):

this is how it is shown when i click (so after it is placed):

Its annoying to manually drag the text each time when placing components. Especially since it adds easy source of inconsistency in my schematics.
It increases the spacing and the text becomes center aligned. It seems consistent in the placement though. Why is it doing this? is this known behavior?

this is on Kicad 6.0 on windows OS


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Great, I found my answer over there. Thanks!

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