Checking already available foot prints in the lib

Hi experts,
I am an absolute newbee to kiCad. I wouldlike to know if there is a way to know or check if a component foot print (for a given pin count and package type) is already available in KiCad lib?

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Using the footprint library browser, should be the way to check this.

When placing a footprint in PCBNew:

I like to use the option in PCBNew because it has a search function. Once you click on the tool you will get a pencil. Click on the board and it opens the dialog.

Going via pcb new is not the only option!

One general option is the footprint editor. And every option of assigning a footprint to symbols (including the experimental footprint selector for the add symbol dialog) How can i assign a footprint to a symbol?

A few years ago the Forum member @felixq created a script that scanned your Library List and created a PDF-file catalog of all the footprints. See the thread "Full Footprint Library Lists? ". For us superannuated old guys it sometimes helps to see a group of similar, or related, footprints displayed on a single page where we can visually compare them as we make a selection.

Of course, you will have to run that script against your most recent libraries - there have been radical changes in the KiCAD libraries over the last three years!

Have you laid out PC boards using any other tools before finding KiCAD? You could write a few lines about yourself in your profile. It sometimes helps us create an effective answer if we know a little about the person we’re responding to.


P.S. - an ambitious young person fluent in Python might create a similar script for the symbol libraries.

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