Changing the unchangeable - a power symbol’s value : now unchangeable?

In Changing the unchangeable - a power symbol's value we concluded that despite advice within the software that “Power symbol value field text cannot be changed”, it was in fact changeable and this was a fine thing to do with no concerns on the horizon.

Now, shortly after that thread auto-locked, I find that is no longer true! Can anyone confirm that at least in v7.0.5, this functionality has changed? I’m no longer able to change the symbol value text of a symbol instance using the methods that worked for me in v7.0.0.

There remains one effective method - in the Symbol Editor, after dismissing the Properties dialog, I can edit the value field directly on the symbol. As long as I don’t return to the Properties dialog, the change sticks.

I feel like I’m running out of loop holes. Is it time I rid my practices of this assumption that value can be different to name?

Can only be changed in the symbol editor using 7.0.7.

Park your practices for three months. Editable power symbols arrive in 8 in three? months.
If you are truly desperate, they already exist in 7.99 :laughing:

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