Center and start point inverted


I was trying to make a custom pad and I have the following questions:

  • The start point and center seem to be inverted. To make it obvious, I have used 0, 1, 90 degrees.
    Obviously, the center is not at (0, 0), it seems to be at (0.1), and the arc extremities seem to be
    at (0,0) and (-1,1), respetively on the grapjhic, not at (0,1) as in the coordinates.

  • Beside this, there is a square pad under the pad. Is it necessary? Isn’t it possible to group all
    the primitives as a single pad, which would finally become pad 1?

Thanks for any hint!


What you see is indeed a bug. You might want to report it. But make sure it is still in the current version of kicad (5.1.4)

To me it seems you try to directly enter primitives in the custom shape dialog. A better way of working with custom pads is done as follows:

  • Draw your primitives (polygon, line, arc or circle) using the normal drawing tools of kicad (on any layer.)
  • Add either a circular or square pad (will be used as the anchor.)
  • Make sure all parts of the pad are connected (must overlap -> kicad will not create a custom pad from your primitives otherwise, reason: strange behaviour has been observed if no overlap. What you show in your screenshot violates this.)
  • Select all your primitives and the anchor pad. right click -> pad from shapes.

And there is always the alternative of using freecad with stepup: Kicad StepUp: The Sketcher for Footprint generation

Hello Rene!

Thanks for your reply. The problem is that 5.1.4 cannot open my earlier files. At least not properly, as reported
before. But I was busy at that time, so I’m going to watch the replies first.


Had a play with that one. 5.1.4 and master do not show the same behavior. At least not on 18.04.2

Well if you need to use an older version then you need to live with bugs already fixed in newer versions. (Bugs can only be fixed after they are discovered. This one for example can at the earliest be fixed in 5.1.5 possibly later as it is quite late for 5.1.5)

Edit: Ok you are on nightly. well a bug fixed in 5.1.x will most likely also be fixed in nightly (in fact normally the fix happens on the nightly branch and is cherry picked into stable) But here again only in the most recent version of the nightlies.

Are you sure? I just tested it in 5.1.4 and start point is still exchanged with center. Submitted as

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Mea culpa. Indeed reversed 5.1.4 and master.

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