Can't find my component in the middle of my project :(((

Hi there I can’t find the Adafruit HT16K33 16x8 backpack Led driver. It does exists for Eagle CAD but not Kicad… Any idea ? Thanks for your help !!!

Well make your own symbol/footprint?
(or search for it on the internet. But never ever trust what you find.)

Edit: It only has 20 pins so it should take an experienced user less than 15 minutes to make a symbol. A beginner might need an hour or so, but i think it is a vital skill to learn if you want to design electronics.

If you don’t know how, you can look at this tutorial series.

I just found a project that may use this component.

Just open the projects schematic file, ignore the warnings, left click on u4->open in symbol editor.
Then either save it into one of your libraries or save it to a new library.
How this could be done is explained in the tutorials mentioned above or in this thread:

The footprint is within the .pretty (footprint library) within library/LikeClockwork.pretty

Use this stuff carefully (Check if it is correct). The schematics is not very well designed. He should have used hierarchical sheets. (Or at least a lager canvas)

Well done !!! Yes it is there!!!
Thank you very much.