Can't fill power zone

I am trying to design a 4 layer PCB, I have 2 power plane (internal layers 1=+5V & 2=GND) and front and bottom layers are signal. finally, I am trying to add power zone to internal layers GND is perfect but +5V can’t fill. I tried different net names but do not work, only work with the GND and “no net”. Plase help me

A zone must be somehow connected to its net to fill. See How to create a power plane (using zones)

In the case of GND it is woriking fine. But i can’t add +5V zone. when i select +5v net for zone it will disappear, but when i choose GND the same plane will appear back. This is my exact problem

Lets simplify things: can you post a screenshot of the pcb or at least the screenshot how at least one +5V pin connects to the zone.

If two zones overlap, they must have different priorities, or filling becomes a lottery

The zones are on different layers according to the first post. If that is the case then this should not be an issue.

Elevator Controll (282.5 KB)
this is my project please check and help me to solve the issue

@Rene_Poschl answered your question in his first post: there isn’t any +5V pin connected to +5V zone.
Connect any +5V pad to the zone with a via and see how the zone fills.


Thank so much sir. I am begner in Kicad, now i am trying to study Kicad. Thank you for your valuable help.

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