Can the default Layer color choices be customized.., edited?

OS: Windows 10 Pro Version 1703.
KiCad Version: 4.0.7, release build.

Working in Pcbnew and the Footprint Editor:

Is it possible to change, edit, or otherwise customize the 30 default color options offered in the Layers Colors Dialog Box or are these hard coded?

I believe these are hard coded. However, this may already be updated in the nightlies (but I don’t know for certain).

For the nightlies, it is possible to edit the colours for both eeschema and pcbnew in the respective preferences - the solarised theme is one that I am using and have been very happy with.

Usual scary warning about using nightlies (backward compatibility, possible instability etc) apply -YMMV.

I use flux, another program to red shift my display. It means my eyes dont hurt after staring at a project for a few hours


Thanks for the useful replies and…,
@John_Pateman…, the informative link.