Bug? Kicad or StepUp or 'Me'... Not Sure

Thanks to Everyone providing comments!

SOME PROGRESS (noted below)

I tried a few different PCB files - some loaded OK, others did NOT. So, what’s the difference between them? It appears to be related to the Origin!

I stripped a small PCB down to just Pads/Traces (no parts) and had Same Problem.

I Moved the Aux Origin around and observed that when loading the Traces in FreeCAD/KSU, the Pads loaded with Respect to where I placed the Aux Origin. That makes sense.
If Placing Aux at Top-Left of ‘Page’, the Pads loaded at correct location. Both Kicad and KSU are set for using Aux Origin. But, Traces were missing ( I also offset it just a small distance to confirm this).

If I did Not have an Aux Origin, NO problems! With the Aux Origin, ouch!

When FreeCAD crashes, I very briefly see the Pads (and sometimes Traces) load, off the PCB just before Crash.
I was able to ScreenShot a Message - see below.

Message indicates something about getShape so, I deleted the PCB Edge-Cuts and Re-Drew a simple Circle on Edge-Cuts. Same problem/crash if having Aux Origin.

Two simple files attached… Encoder works, Bit-Test does Not work…

Bit_Test1 copy.kicad_pcb (17.4 KB)

Encoder_Tester.kicad_pcb (40.3 KB)

In FC if you enable report view panel, all the messages will be fully viewable

the issue is related to the fact you have a double side board without even a single track on top layer…
Try to add a single track segment on top layer and KSU will be able to create the layers…
This is a case I didn’t investigate because it is rare… it should need to be fixed though

The Encoder board is set for Double sided but I don’t have tracks on Top. There are Part ‘Pads’ on top, though. It load OK

@John_Pateman thanbks for testing :smiley:

the error of the missing 3D models are related simply to the fact that @BlackCoffee used an internal environment variable to point to his 3D local repo … in our test we don’t have nor the environment var not the 3D models custom library… so this is not an error of KSU but of the environment

At the same time, because @John_Pateman is able to load the tracks, I would say that the @BlackCoffee issue is definitely related to the mac video drivers and FC/Qt.

see my post above…

that is really strange… adding a simple track on top side, the error for the Bit_Test1 copy.kicad_pcb will disappear… I have no more clue… sorry
EDIT: what I noticed is that your failing board have been routed manually without any net… may be this anomaly way of routing a board can brake the track consistency during the process to create a 3D track counterpart…

Observations are progress - thanks.

I Eliminated ALL Pads on Top Layer and get the same error. There is no way to set PCB for only single-sided board (2 sides is the minimum in 5.1.7).

That’s unfortunate as Many of my Simple PCB’s are single-sided with Hand-Routing without schematics or Nets.
Why bother with Schematic/Nets for simple circuits… I can CNC mill a PCB faster than drawing up a schematic…

Just tried this: No Pads/Traces on Top layer. No circuit in Schematic but, I Did annotate and Netted it. Same Problem.
I drew a Trace on top layer, same problem…

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