Board Outline / Edge Cuts Frustration

a 3 minute job in inkscape… :slight_smile: (703 Bytes)

final result, comes in a tad under 70mm

the save as dialogue in inkscape

Problem is inkscape and mac have a bit of a disagreement :wink: (As stated by @JuliaTruchsess in an earlier post.)

Oh, that’s on the top of my List of Things To Do. Unfortunately I haven’t had any time at all for almost a year now and my situation vis-a-vis free time doesn’t look like it will improve this year. The idea is to create a framework (PCB Plugin) similar to the 3D Plugin to make it easy for people to create tools as plugins.


If you use Tinkercad…maybe you could switch across to Onshape. It exports to DXF. Seems ludicrous that a CAD program doesn’t export to DXF. Even sketchup allows export to DXF. There is also Freecad…which definitely does DXF and you need Freecad to export the PCB to STEP. Might be worth spending a little time now to save time in the long run and get something sorted. I’m not an inkscape person…but it does seem to have impressive capabilities.

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Believe me, I appreciate all you have done! Live your life & enjoy it!:yum:


I have no intention of switching across from Tink to anything. It’s like an extension of my brain -
nothing comes close in intuitiveness or lack of intrusiveness into creative flow for me. Yes, it’s too bad that Autocad is only interested in marketing it to grade schoolers, so we don’t get stuff like DXF export, nonetheless it’s become a key component of my professional life for the past five years. I may look into Inkscape just for the ability being discussed here, that of bringing irregular outlines or drawings into KiCad.

I imported this into KiCad, and it shows up on the Front Silk layer. How can I get it into Edge Cuts?

you can choose during import which layer it should go on (though I might miss a context switch here and you guys are talking SVG imports?).

Sorry, I forget the replies are not threaded here. I’m referring to the .fp footprint file that Erich made from my svg. (1.1 KB)

The easiest way for me to do it was to break the footprint into pieces and put them in the outline layer, then export a Kicad layout from pcb-rnd.

I will add a kicad specific export script for Inkscape to my todo list to make this easier for Kicad users.



It took me about 2 minutes total to trace over a circle manually, and it looks fine :slight_smile: But still, it would be fun to be able to bring in logos and graphics, which might not be so easy to draw manually.


or bitmab2component which is included in kicad (can only do one layer at a time. Not all layers possible.)