Automatic distribution of circuit elements

How can I distribute circuit elements on pcb page automatically.
is there such a feature?

Currently there is no such feature. Many users don’t consider such a feature necessary or desireable, myself included.

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How would you like them to be distributed, can you share a screenshot of a wanted situation?

How are they distributed now which you don’t like?

A long time ago (when KiCad placed all footprints on the same coordinates on the PCB) somebody made a python script to put the Footprints in the same relative position as they are on the schematic.

I found it quite a nice idea and it might work well for some (analog) circuits, but I never used the script myself.
That script is probably listed on:

… together with some 60+ others (including half baked tools).

You can also click on:
Pcbnew / Place / Place Footprints Automatically / …
I’ve never used this for real, but just did a quick test and it does move Footprints.

If you first select a bunch of footprints in Pcbnew you can then also right click and select: "Align/Distribute from the pop-up menu. This just make a row of the selected components, but it is a “bulk” move function.

There is a python script that places parts similar to their location on the schematic. I’m on my phone, so don’t have the info at hand, but search this forum and you’ll find it.
It isn’t perfect but it is helpful.

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When we first pass the circuit elements to the pcb page, it looks like the following ;

because we separate them one by one

OK, that makes it clear. There’s no functionality or a plugin available which just spreads them more to make room, but the plugin mentioned earlier is this: Schematic positions to PCB positions plugin.

A plugin which would nudge them a bit farther apart shouldn’t be difficult to write.

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@sabri Have you tried the:
Pcbnew / Place / Place Footprints Automatically / …
I mentioned earlier?
Try this just after you’ve imported all Footprints into PCBnew.
It probably needs a (larger then striclty needed?) board outline.
I currently have no project on which to test it quickly.

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I also do it one by one but having PCB and schematic windows side by side.

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