Are KiCad Admins Providing Enough Avenues for Funding?

Hi Jim,

Yes, a table with more than 200 currencies and everyday updating exchange rates will be far better :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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@pedro Do you know the exchange rate of the Euro, Yen, Swiss Franc, and US dollar at any given moment?

These are only four currencies, not the more than 200 in your post.

I’m currently living in the United States and the US dollar is what I am familiar with. I’m trying to advocate that KiCad might get more US dollars into the program if the donation web site were more readable to US English users of KiCad.

From your post it appears that you do not want it to be easier for me, personally, to understand how to monetarily contribute to this program; I did not even intuitively understand one currency, let alone more then 200 more.

@pedro Is there some reason that you do not want it to be easier for the US currency to assist in the development of KiCad?

You have a valid point, but try to breathe in and out a couple of times before you reply - less grey hair :wink:

Now, to be constructive… did you run across any currency lookup ‘services’ that are free to use that CERN could add to their website?
They would check the country/language setting of your browser and display the most probable currency that you understand…

On another note, if they had a paypal donation option (or does that appear once I filled in those details there?) I’d have donated 5 minutes ago.

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#Donating by PayPal is totally an option!
##Let’s see how many KiCad forum users we can get on the donor recognition page!

This is one of the preferred ways to donate to KiCad.

*Follow the link from the top right corner Donate via CERN **.

Fill out your information and click on the DONATE button.

“All donations will be put to immediate use in developing KiCad. Any amount is welcome and will be gratefully received.”

That button takes you to a page with:

#There are also methods to donate tax efficiently.

To do this, follow the Support Us link on the top navigation link. This takes you to
a Giving to CERN - Support Us page, from which you can click on the Donate online link.

On the Giving to CERN Make a donation page, under the picture there is a link within the text * In certain cases, tax advantages can be claimed by your local tax authorities.* This takes you to a Giving to CERN - Tax efficient giving page. This page gives instructions for tax efficient giving from several countries.

For tax efficient giving from the US, donate to the 501©3 organization The King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS) where, if giving by check, you can write “CERN & Society Foundation US Fund” in the memo field. More details by following just a few clicks.

(I didn’t want to link directly to these pages just in case they changed over time.)

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Ha, I wasn’t that brave to go so far on their website… well, now they got 54 AUD more to work with.

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##Anyone else up for the challenge?

We’ve already exceeded the number of October donations. Two more to beat September’s donations, and 3 more to beat August donations.

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Concerted fundraising periods are a good idea. Especially around the release of a new version. Positive reinforcement is a powerful force!

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I didn’t find any all-in-one free geolocation specific currency converter, but I did find several free JSON APIs that, combined, could be used to do the job.

The first one uses the IP address to obtain country name, among other details:


{“ip”:“”,“country_code”:“AU”,“country_name”:“Australia”,“region_code”:“WA”,“region_name”:“Western Australia”,“city”:“Perth”,“zip_code”:“6060”,“time_zone”:“Australia/Perth”,“latitude”:-31.902,“longitude”:115.8455,“metro_code”:0}

The second one uses the country name to obtain the currency code:


[{“currencies”:[{“code”:“AUD”,“name”:“Australian dollar”,“symbol”:"$"}]}]

The third returns the exchange rate:



Does that help?

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LOL, don’t want to bite on that one. But yes, there are some “furriners” who don’t use USD, imagine that!

Yes, because it’s all about providing you with free stuff and saving your time, no one else’s time is important.

I’m amazed that anyone would actually complain that they have to spend a couple extra minutes of their time here. “Sure, I would love to donate to charity, but I am too lazy to reach in my pocket and open my wallet, Could you do it for me?”

Getting very fed up with people demanding volunteers to expend their time to satisfy their little whims while contributing very little themselves.


No idea, unfortunately I don’t have any hooks into the CERN guys.

But I would be happy to write them a feedback email, as I had to find the right amount in CHF I was willing to spend in AUD.
Wasn’t possible to change that standard amount once I was in paypal, so had to cancel the first transaction.

Way better would be to be able to set the amount in the currency you have and let paypal/etc. do the conversion.
Showing the price for a developer per time in the currency of the browser locality would definitely help with that, but probably not be that important (while still being an interesting data point).

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They appear to get about 10 donations a month. I’d rather see that money go to KiCad development than CERN website improvement.

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It would be interesting to know what one $7K Altium license would translate to in terms of Kicad development.


If we use ~120$ per 2 hours, this would result in about 3 weeks of development time. (40 hours per week)
So a small feature might be feasible.

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One has to select his own country in the form there anyway, shouldn’t be that hard for the website to take that information (ask for it as the first would be best) and use it for the currency right away.
And the PostFinance financial service provider, who does the money side of things can provide the exchange rate then and there.
Any other projects they fund via that will benefit from this as well, as it’s not just KiCAD on there.

And as I stated earlier, without a notice for paypal on that website I didn’t bother with it.

PS: I sent them a feedback email, but so far it bounced. Now had to send one to the IT dept of that server which also bounced… this will then be the 5th attempt to communicate with them, short of a phone call.

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This was the intent and the spirit of my OP.

Making the donation process easier to understand for members in different parts of the world would not be a bad thing. I might have even donated and mentioned nothing; instead of coming here to question the process.

The great replies in this thread have been a help to my understanding of the current process.

But if the website were enhanced to attract and get 30 donations a month…

My initial look was that it was not 100% clear to me, and the information presented to me at the time made me stop the donation process and ask question about it here.

But, maybe you are right, maybe KiCad needs to provide it’s own funding page.

A post mentioned that KiCad had only two paid developers; are these CERN employees? And, is the US Fund going for KiCad development solely?

Update… finally got time to sit down and got white listed by their IT department, so could send an email to the donation email address on that website. :slight_smile:

The response came 1 hour later :heart_eyes:

  1. they’ve seen this thread and already worked out some changes
  2. they try to get currency conversion worked into the website

Currently it looks like this (image links there):

Top job. Can’t ask for more really.


Just for completion, as I was reading this thread (I know, I came late to the party :joy: ), I wondered on what those donation would be used, here is the link of the feature planned, so nobody needs to waste time :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

I also find the way of donating at least “weird”.
CHF120 is simply too much for a lot of hobbyists to consider, and CHF is a pretty obscure currency from a very small country, even though it is almost in the middel of the EU.

For my gut feeling Swiss bank accounts are (still) almost synonymous for tax evasion and other shady buisiness.
Why not simply make a bank account number available from within the EU (transaction costs) for any amount hobbyists are willing to donate?

It’s got ‘other amount’ and Paypal, can’t make it more convenient and safe for worldwide donations really.
Wikipedia does it the same way for years now.

You just need to make sure that the email address you use is the one that you’re registered at with Paypal, otherwise Paypal might not do the transaction.
IMHO, if you do the transaction via Paypal, your own bank will only see a transaction to Paypal (I think the note field will have some clue though for yourself), but shouldn’t have info about where it actually went (re your fear of being associated with money laundering or tax evasion :wink: ), that’s on Paypals turf. I naturally have no idea what you intend to donate, and at which level financial authorities are being triggered, but you mentioning ~120USD being a lot for you I’d say you’re really really safe from that happening. :sunglasses:

PS: I’ve been using Paypal for over 10 years now (usually ebay, but also couple of times outside of ebay) - never had a problem. Any other payment I do internationally involves credit cards - due to the more favorable Forex rates I get at GEmoney and/or Citibank, if amounts go over like a 100 bucks or so.