Arduino Nano PCB Files

I am looking for a library that has the pins of an Arduino Nano PCB, i.e. the two rows of 15 pins (plus two rows of 3 on the short end). All I have found is libraries for the Nano chip or the drawing of the PCB itself (with all the components on it). I guess I could just draw two rows of 15 pins but if there is a library that has labels for each pin that would be nice.

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Are you looking for a Symbol (used in Eeschema) or a Footprint (used in PcbNew)?

Normally, a schematic symbol will be drawn with inputs on the left, and outputs on the right. Therefore, it would not necessarily be drawn with 2 rows of pins.

You could start out with an Atmega symbol and edit it to reflect the pin numbers/names of the Nano board.

You can try searching the net. I turned this up.

Here are some symbols and footprints I created for a project that used the Arduino Pro Mini. Perhaps you can use them as starting points for your own symbols and footprints to fit the Nano.

Arduino_Pro_Mini.kicad_mod (9.4 KB)
Arduino_Pro_Mini_Sparkfun.kicad_mod (19.1 KB)
Arduino_Pro_Mini.dcm (450 Bytes)
Arduino_Pro_Mini.lib (4.9 KB)

Sorry, I don’t have 3-D models for these.

I discovered that Pro Mini modules from different vendors had different footprints! Verify that the footprint you use matches the parts you buy!