Antenna for a Nordic Semiconductor nRF8001 Bluetooth Module

I’m trying to design a board with a nRF8001 chip on it. I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to antennas and RF for that matter. Does anyone have any tips on how to go about doing this. Should I try and create a PCB antenna or should I use an off the shelf chip antenna? I’ve watched the Contextual Electronics video on importing bitmap antennas but I’m not sure how to even go about creating a bitmap antenna to start with.

The data sheet for that chip should have an example layout that you use as a reference. you could also dig through Nordic’s app notes, I’m pretty sure they have a PCB antenna reference.

I found a reference design here (see the image below). I’m guessing the antenna is that trace around C5 and C6. This is the same design in the datasheet.

I also found a document on antenna tuning with lots of equations and the need for some expensive equipment.

Adafruit also has a design with a completely different antenna.

I may just copy the Nordic’s design, spin a PCB, and give it a try. But I’m not really sure how I would tests it’s efficiency.

My pads version of the Texas Instruments Design Note DN007 2.4Ghz antenna: