Altium import workflow

Hi, yes, creating a wishlist item in github is a way to go, but there were not many developers aware about harnesses. I am off from KiCad project for quite long time and don’t have a chance to look at this. I also suspect that automation could be done for simplest harnesses, but nested ones, and ones with ports are tricky. Algorithm should check for duplicate net names, expand ports graphically (allocate graphical space) when converting them to hierarchical labels. Not an easy task I think.

If I recall correctly there is already a (older) open gitlab issue (labelled as feature request) regarding something similar to the altium harness feature.
Sadly the gitlab search did not deliver the desired topic (or my memory is faulty).

There’s this one (but it got implemented, so I’m not sure what’s still remaining):

I don’t remember the details off the top of my head, but I think Altium harnesses are a superset of KiCad bus functionality. So, some harnesses may be able to be imported but others are not at the moment.

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