Almost rage uninstalled KiCAD


Sometimes they are just forgotten, not by purpose. In this case offering more information may (or may not) help as is hinted by “incomplete” status and Wayne’s comment. Unfortunately the developer resources are limited (and most of the developers are just volunteers, and even for CERN this is not a commercial product) so they can’t test every platform and combination themselves. Much is required from the reporters. In platform specific or other issues which depend on something to be reproducable you either have luck or not in whether it draws attention of a developer who can reproduce it or want to do deeper research to try to find the reason which they can’t confirm themselves.

About hotkeys/shortcuts - see e.g., and Various shortcuts don't work.


I can attempt to appreciate how much of a pain keyboard management must be among platforms and languages. I didn’t want to make a big stink, only to say that my bug report seems to be in a limbo that won’t progress. I guess I can reply again to say it’s still applicable to 5.0.2. Thanks for your thoughts.




Your bug has been marked as confirmed (triaged) and is assigned the priority low. I am sure your bug would have been handled faster if you would have included the version info in it from the beginning.