Almost rage uninstalled KiCAD

I have disabled the “Center and warp cursor on zoom” and the cursor doesn’t warp in the cases you mentioned. The cases I noticed that the cursor still warps is when using the right click menu while routing and when importing a netlist.
I think the warping when using the right click menu is necessary for now, the result without warping is more annoying, try KiCad on Linux with Wayland, it doesn’t support mouse warping.
I don’t know what would be the real fix for this, but just disabling mouse warping is not.

Has anyone reported this?

That’s a known problem.

If you meant 5.0.x you may be correct, otherwise you’re wrong. Doesn’t happen in 5.1dev (aka 6.0-rc1-dev-etc. aka current nightly builds).

If this is true then the bug report i linked above can be marked as fixed.

I’m curious about that. Do you have a link? I have reported quite many and I must say most of the real bugs (clearly unexpected behavior) have been fixed quickly. Feature request and opinions of course not. Sometimes I have felt that the response haven’t been what I wanted but I can live with that.

That’s great news if hiding Layers prevents the selection of Items on those layers in nightlies. The problem persists in 5.0.2. I’ve spent a lot of time going to the Items tab and unchecking everything but Footprints and Tracks just to wrangle things. Sometimes I remember to use High Contrast Mode to work around.

My bug was about using Ctrl-# as hotkeys with 5.0 Release. This (likely) Windows-specific bug still exists in 5.0.2. I have not tried nightlies yet. For now I am able to Export Hotkeys, edit the file, and then Import Hotkeys to get the desired behavior.

just found another warp related bug report:

I guest you mean me who post had been remove by some one in here. :slight_smile:

your post is still here :wink: (at least for me)

Recommending installing (unsupported) 4.0.7 for a group of serious new users is not advice I want to see on this forum now.
Let’s concentrate on getting 5.0.2 used correctly and on reporting its bugs accurately on Launchpad to get squished in 5.1

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@davidsrsb: I do not disagree with you. But when I read @Zom-B frustration - I can see it happen to me, and I can see 4.0.7 would ease a lot of his problems especially collaborating. But I do encourage him to keep trying and check on new versions on his own until he see it can fit his team work flow… In professional work, it not necessary best to keep update the tools, but it usually introducing unnecessary cost for the team without a “soft” introduction (like test/trial by individual…)

I don’t quite see how 4.x is better for collaborating. A lot of features added to v5 make this sort of thing a lot easier (especially the introduction of the symbol library table which makes setting up a proper environment a lot easier)

The only reason i would understand for not going with the current version is if you have an extensive number of projects already done in v4. But even there i would suggest a dual setup. New projects only in v5 and v4 only used to manage old projects. (If one does not do it that way then one will still be stuck at v4 when v6 comes out. The longer one sticks with legacy systems the more work an eventual switch over will be.)


The reason are base on teams, and environment - there is no logical explain about it. It just what the team comfortable with, and work with. As individual in the team, I do look forward to update the tool when it fit. I also do understand, and agree with @Rene_Poschl for hard to migrate if we hold it back too long…

For my case: I found I cannot effectively do component placement manually as 4.0.7 just because of the ratsnet highlight feature been changed to the way it do not help me. So I did request the feature, but no idea when, and how would that like yet. Also, crashing are seem to not be avoidable - much like a part of working mode! So it for me is not mature enough to introduce into the team.

I don’t have any complain about UX, it just not important for me, as long I can work with them effectively when I got use to it. I like the fact the a lot of hot key reduce my hand movements. But the mouse way do make my hand move so much, and tired (but it is what it is). The less hand movement, the more effective … like “VIM” editor…

Sometimes they are just forgotten, not by purpose. In this case offering more information may (or may not) help as is hinted by “incomplete” status and Wayne’s comment. Unfortunately the developer resources are limited (and most of the developers are just volunteers, and even for CERN this is not a commercial product) so they can’t test every platform and combination themselves. Much is required from the reporters. In platform specific or other issues which depend on something to be reproducable you either have luck or not in whether it draws attention of a developer who can reproduce it or want to do deeper research to try to find the reason which they can’t confirm themselves.

About hotkeys/shortcuts - see e.g., and Various shortcuts don't work.

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I can attempt to appreciate how much of a pain keyboard management must be among platforms and languages. I didn’t want to make a big stink, only to say that my bug report seems to be in a limbo that won’t progress. I guess I can reply again to say it’s still applicable to 5.0.2. Thanks for your thoughts.

Your bug has been marked as confirmed (triaged) and is assigned the priority low. I am sure your bug would have been handled faster if you would have included the version info in it from the beginning.