All GND routes on one layer?


Is there a way to tell the kicad autorouter or freerouter for that matter, to put all my ground routes on
one layer?


@acidblue you can create Net classes for GND layer and add all the GND to that layer in autorouter.


Ok great, now how do i do that?
Where do I assign net classes??


Under pcb_new look under Design rules->Design rules.
The first tab of this tool is the netclass editor.


Are you using an external autorouter?


OK this isn’t working for me.
I want all my Ground traces on the bottom layer.
I cannot figure out how to do this.


Why not use a gnd plane?


Yes I want the grounds on a plane, but the auto router keeps putting some
of the traces on the top layer.
I want the router to put all my ground traces on the bottom layer.


Well, Once you define Net classes and add GND to that Net class. Please see attached Image.

  1. Export .dsn file for an external router.
  2. Open your design. Rukes > Net classes.
  3. Change Ground class to which layer you want.


Thank you.
I was hoping to do this with kicad’s auto router but using freerouter is no biggie.