AK8963 Footprint


Plenty of room for cheap tools. Good tweezers are $2-5. For small 2 layer PCB’s the $60 hot air stations are more than suitable.

If you go bigger with power planes. Yeah thats where you want tools with more Wattage so it heats the local area faster.


Hi R,
I think I have the tools, but watching the video. there are two questions:
1/ He uses a yellow plastic ‘heat shield’ Was is this and where do I get some?
2/ How hot should the heat gun be? He played it onto the chip, for a long time, before it was ready for moving and replacing.


I use 320-340 depending on the reflow wand. I get impatient waiting for the paste to melt, so others may run them cooler.


Hi S,
Ok, thanks.
I usually use 333, as I can remember easily.

I noticed in the video, there were other components, resistors etc nearby, how do you stop them moving? Do you use the yellow film I asked about?


The yellow film is Kapton Tape. Very cheap and a good insulator to mask off what you dont want to heat up.

I generally have my hot air set at 350 so I can keep the flowrate low to reduce the chance of components blowing out of place.


Hi R,
OK, thanks.
Higher temp lower flow, I’ll try that on some old pcbs.