About librairies, project folders and pcb_new standalone use

“man touch” shows the manual page for touch.
“man man” shows the manual page for woman.
“man woman” does not work, there is no manual page for woman.

I did not read the whole thread, just responded to the previous post, and the part of the man page I posted shows that touch with parameter -d accepts a string.

I did not read the whole thread, partly because of it’s length, but mostly because I find it very demotivating that you keep calling yourself stupid.

I believe calling other people stupid goes against forum etiquette. Everybody calling themselves stupid is probably the only feasible option.

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I meant stupefied when it comes to coding in general, to make sure I’m not coming across as overly critical of the way Kicad is internally structured. Your answer was too cryptic for me, just trying to help myself understand - thanks anyway …

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